WomenTime! Festival de Cine Femenino de Canarias, is an online and on-site film festival. It takes place on its social networks and on womentime.es. The final screenings will be at Equipo Para (Tenerife) and Cinemateca Pedro Zerolo (Madrid). The festival also offers partners the possibility of screening the short films for cultural purposes to talk about gender-related issues.

It is important to promote film culture and also to shine a light on national and international female creators who are committed to telling stories through 24 frames per second. WomenTime! is a broadcasting channel that supports the most independent films made by women. 

Our aim is to encourage the creativity of many female creators by offering a festival. To vindicate from creation is the essence of auteur cinema. Undoubtedly, a film festival of these characteristics will encourage women filmmakers to continue producing films inside and outside the Canary Islands.

This is the second edition of the Time! festivals, created by La Gaveta Producciones. The first edition was QuarenTime!, the first Confined Film Festival in the Canary Islands. A success of international, national and local participation, with media coverage and works of the highest level.

There is a cash prize of €200 for the winner of the competition.